Important News About the Merger of FCPA and CMDA.
by Jack Pike, BS, PA-C
Chair of PA Section, CMDA

Hello fellow PAs, FCPA members past and present.  Please take a few minutes and read this most important announcement from the FCPA leadership.  My name is Jack Pike and I am privileged to serve as President / Chair of FCPA which is now a specialty section of CMDA.

The purpose of this letter is to tell you about foundational changes that have taken place and to invite you to partner with us to serve Jesus Christ as PAs, not only in membership, but also by prayerful support and involvement in Christian witness.
Within the last few years, we realized that the mission and purposes of FCPA had moved beyond just getting together at the annual meeting to fellowship and pray.  The moral and ethical changes taking place in our society and practices showed that we as Christian PAs would benefit from extended resources and support that are available elsewhere.

Last summer, after numerous phone calls, messages and conference board meetings, four of the board members traveled to Bristol, Tennessee to spend a day with the leadership of Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA).  We met with Dr. David Stevens, CEO, and Dr. Gene Rudd, Senior Vice President of CMDA.   Following that meeting, the FCPA board elected to move ahead with plans to merge as a Christian PA section of CMDA.   The application forms were submitted to the CMDA Board of Governance for their acceptance, which created a new specialty section of CMDA.  This union will broaden a close and valued relationship that has existed for quite a few years.  (Continued...)

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